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September 1983: When the Boom Was On (Premonition Records 4C1)
Tracks: "Transatlantic Cable", "They're On Me", "Robert Nightman's Story", "I Miss You", "Why Are We In Love", "A Letter to Myself"
June 1986: The Lovemongers (Premonition Records PREM 6)
Tracks: "The Lovemongers", "Throw Away the Script", "Love Your Shoes", "Escape Into my Arms", "What the Fog Said", "Dancing the Hard Bargain", "Bullet", "Talking Kitten", "Sang Froid", "I Can't Crack"

November 1986: The Wrong People (Stiff Records SEEZ 64)
Tracks: "Shake Like Judy Says", "Love Your Shoes", "Brilliant Mind", "She Gets Out the Scrapbook", "I Miss You", "Make Believe I'm Him", "Let Me Feel Your Pulse", "The Sound of the Bell", "Escape Into My Arms", "Answer the Door", "Pierre's Fight"
February 1990: Food, Sex and Paranoia (Arista Records 210377)
Tracks: "One Step Behind You", "Slow Motion Kisses", "Swing Tender", "A Taste of You", "A Plot to Kill What Was", "On a Slow Fuse", "Subway to the Beach", "Song for a Doberman", "Love Me", "Friend of a Friend", "Hard to Say"
September 1991: She Gets Out the Scrapbook (Survival Records SURC13)
Tracks: "Brilliant Mind", "Make Believe I'm Him", "Farewell", "Song for a Doberman", "Dancing the Hard Bargain", "Love Your Shoes", "Robert Nightman's Story", "Slow Motion Kisses", "I Miss You", "How I've Come to Hate the Moon", "Bullet", "Turnupspeed", "One Step Behind You", "She Gets Out the Scrapbook"

April 2010: The Wrong People (Cherry Red CDMRED 441)
Tracks: " Shake Like Judy Says", "Love Your Shoes", "Brilliant Mind", "She Gets Out the Scrapbook", "I Miss You", "Make Believe I'm Him", "Let Me Feel Your Pulse", "The Sound of the Bell", "Escape Into My Arms", "Answer the Door", "Pierre's Fight". Bonus tracks: "Brilliant Fragment", "That Man You Love (previously unreleased demo)", "Never Said (previously unreleased demo)", "To Gus", "Turnupspeed", "Me, You And The Name", "It Continues", "Brilliant Mind (Extended Version)", "Love Your Shoes (Extended Version)"

Second erroneous zone: Solid wooden, barks with label puzzled the modern wooden furniture development until now, has formed the style to be diverse, the variety is complete, scale complete big market pattern. The multiplex market while provides the rich choice, also derives the good and bad people mixed up, the good and bad difficult minute question. As customer, when purchase certainly must sharpen vigilance.

solid wooden uses in the needed materials few varieties and partial, moreover the precious lumber very little uses the solid wood. The example wooden dining chair is quite truthfully common, but is generally upscale with the import ju wooden, middle-grade with gum, white birch, domestic product ju wooden, practices trickery by the use, do not be unexpected. the modern panel furniture facing material are many, barks with the label is very commonly used, but the scale completely is different. Barks the furniture rich natural sense of reality, artistic durable, but the price is relatively high, but the label furniture easy to wear, to be afraid of water, is unable to withstand the collision, but the low in price, belongs to the popular product.

Some attrition rate not big, not near water source furniture variety at present also by label primarily, like shoes cabinet, book shelf and so on. the customer patronizes the metal products shop, will see on the price tickets such as ?the walnut cabinet?, ?the cherry tea table?, ?ju the wooden dining chair? and so on explanations. At this time, clarifies is solid wooden, barks the label, is essential. Solid wooden, pastes barks may be called ?the cherry furniture?, but the label can only be called ?the cherry wood grain furniture?, otherwise is passes off fake articles for the real thing the action.

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