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Apple chip engineer the team scale reaches 1000 people Lead: American science and technology website TechCrunch on October 9 publishes Airuike ? Schofield (Erick Schonfeld) the article, indicated that the apple has m***ive engineers to begin at present to research and develop the innovation the chip product, after PC when makes on behalf of the preparation.

Future core product will not only be the limitation on the iPhone handset or the iPad plate computer, the apple will also have the further intelligent product to wait for promotes. At present the people after discussing the apple to lose Steve ? Qiaobusi (Steve Jobs) the future to move toward the question, what but I want to discuss will be a several week ago dialog, at that time I was in and knew very well that Qiaobusi Silicon Valley senior Gao Guan talked, this occurred after Qiaobusi just resigned from the apple CEO position. We talk about the apple to finish after the PC time preparation, this Gao Guan disclosed that Qiaobusi told him the apple to have 1000 engineers in the research and development chip product, the core characteristic focuses on the low power loss and the small specification.

This is I hears the apple to have so huge chip engineer for the first time the troop. I as early as in 2009 knew that the apple is constructing own chip design team, but at that time I thought that this team the scale are most also has several hundred people, must does not retail the staff total to the apple 5%. (the present apple has over 50,000 staffs in whole world, 30,000 staffs are retail business staff.)Because Intel and the AMD chip product still paused in PC the time, but the apple needs the function to be formidable enough but power loss very low chip, therefore this company starts independently to design the chip. The battery life moves one of product most important characteristics.

The apple newest A5 processor first disposes in iPad in 2, now promotes iPhone 4S also uses this chip. Processors compare with iPhone 4 disposition's A4, A5 not only manifests in the speed is quick a time, moreover its battery may support is 8 hour telephone conversation time (A4 is 7 hours). Not only the apple improves processor's energy conservation pattern, moreover also in the reduced product's hardware disposition, transfers, but the generation dodges saves the chip. Besides iPhone and iPad, MacBook Air also used dodged saves the chip (SSD), apple all products in developed toward this direction.

As if all things may integrate the computer function, the handset and the plate computer are this, the television may also like this, but also has other things? So long as if is apple engineer thinks or is advantageous to the product, may integrate the computer function.

When Qiaobusi resignation, TechCrunch author MG ? the Si Geleg (MG Siegler) once warned the people not to extremely attention next generation iPhone. Qiaobusi when leaves the apple knew that after in the future several year apple will promote a series, PC time product. For the recent several months has the news public figure to tell me unceasingly, the apple present is researching and developing when technology and product this company best technology product, these technical product will stem from the people to anti****te.

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